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Global Viral

Monitoring viruses and pandemics.

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Most major infectious diseases – such as avian and swine flu – originated in animals but became dangerous when they spilled over into humans. The locations where those encounters take place are the sources of pandemics which, when combined with the spread of airline routes across the world, create the possibility of rapid spread of new infectious diseases.

Yet while diseases start in some of the poorest, farthest flung places in the developing world, the science to understand and analyse these threats is largely confined to centres in the rich world – in the US, Europe and Japan – that focus on threats once they have arisen.

Global Viral (GV) fills that gap by creating an extensive network of viral “listening posts” in villages from Sierra Leone to the Democratic Republic of Congo, and compiling a registry of viruses in other regions where pandemics often originate.

Founder Nathan Wolfe and his multidisciplinary team have spent the past 10 years developing what they believe could become a global system to prevent pandemics. As well as the network of listening posts in Africa and Asia, GV has created a network – the Global Viral Fellows Initiative – to bring together some of the world's leading research, data and policy experts to address the most important global infectious disease threats. Global Viral uses digital technology to map and track the sources of new diseases.

Image 'Dengue virus' courtesy of Sanofi Pasteur

Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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