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Global Village Construction Set

Allowing DIY fabrication of 50 industrial machines for a sustainable civilization.

By Open Source Ecology

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Our planet appears increasingly incapable of keeping us in the manner to which the privileged minority has become accustomed. Our dominant modes of production and distribution still retain the imprint of the industrial age, and we know enough about rates of resource consumption and projected demand to justify a serious exploration of radically different ways of sustaining ourselves.

Artfully combining open source software, “closed-loop” manufacturing processes and off-grid energy generation, the Global Village Construction Set is a design catalogue of 50 industrial machines required to maintain “a small civilization with modern comforts”. Developed by an open community of enthusiasts with a small coordinating team at its heart, the catalogue includes a 3D printer, wind turbine, oven and a plethora of agricultural, construction and manufacturing tools.

While all of these designs are at prototype or initial design stages, they have had early successes, such as creating the world’s first open sources compressed earth brick press. Their prototype cost $1,500 compared to a standard commercial version for $25,000, and matched performance. It is natural to hope that we never need to rely on such a catalogue to rebuild civilisation from scratch, but this project – along with notable cousins, such as WikiHouse could well be an essential piece of R+D to ensure a sustainable future for humanity.

Image courtesy of Global Village Construction Set

Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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