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Give What You're Good At

Matches professionals with charities for volunteer work.

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Even in a modern world made rich by markets and systems, simple acts of giving make a critical contribution to the health of society. Giving does not just transfer resources from donor to recipient; when it is done in the right way it also creates lasting bonds between them.

Give What You’re Good At provides a digital platform to make it easy for professionals to give their time and skills, in everything from finance and legal, to web design and social marketing - to charities and social organisations who need them. By deploying the kind of software that runs online dating sites such as eHarmony, Give What You’re Good At matches professionals to charities that not only need them, but that also suit their passions and interests. It makes giving easier, more engaging and rewarding.

The UK site has a national network of 5,000 professionals and 15,000 charities. Since its launch in 2012 it has brokered 191,521 hours of professional support, worth around £2 million in 819 projects, involving staff from 474 companies. Nine out of ten professionals who use the site come back to volunteer for more projects.

Giving is a generative activity: it produces benefits for all those involved, as Give What You’re Good At shows. Charities benefit because they get access to precious skills they can ill afford. Companies benefit because their staff get opportunities to volunteer, which also extends their skills. The volunteers benefit because people who give tend to feel happier with life as a result. Give What You’re Good At is a simple, compelling tool that shows how digital technologies can be used to innovate new ways of generating social good.

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Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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