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To diagnose deadly diseases such as Ebola at the initial point-of-care, emergency response services remain largely reliant on centuries-old technology: the thermometer. Other, more accurate methods require centralised labs and large infrastructure and supply investments – facilities that can be largely absent at point of outbreak. Even for more standard pathogens in hospitals, there’s a dire need for quick, accurate results. 

Advances in nanobiophysics tech are fast addressing these problems. One company in particular, US-based Nanobiosym, Inc., has developed a nanomachine called Gene-RADAR – a portable diagnostics platform that rapidly reads the genetic fingerprint of any biological organism. 

The Gene-RADAR readout of a target organism’s DNA enables individuals worldwide to affordably identify pathogens with gold standard accuracy, allowing them to seek treatment in the early stages of disease. The application has other uses too, for example Gene-RADAR allows an HIV-positive mother to measure her viral load, ensure that ART treatment is working, and to reduce the risk of HIV transmission to her child. 

Accurate diagnosis of disease at point-of-care through technology such as Gene-RADAR is essential to stem future pandemics, and reduce the high individual and social costs of false positives and negatives. Early quarantine becomes a possibility, and further exposure can be successfully minimised. 

Nanobiosym is exploring further technology solutions in conjunction with governments, NGOs, academia and thought leaders. Founder, chairman and CEO Dr Anita Goel would like to further expand this ecosystem, so if their mission and results resonate, get in touch through the Nanobiosym website and see if your ideas can help the global initiative.

Image 'Ebola response training' courtesy of Army medicine.

Last updated: 10th of September, 2015

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