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Creating a space for young people with disabilities or with few friends

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Lewis is a 14-year-old boy from Havant. As well as having gone through many surgeries in an attempt to treat a brain tumor, Lewis also has hydrocephalus and epilepsy. Like many young people that miss out on a lot of school, or cannot participate in sports and other social activities, having strong networks of friends can be a challenge. That’s why Lewis founded Friend Finder.

The aim of Friend Finder is to create a space for all young people with disabilities or without many friends to come together. At the moment, Lewis is organising one social get-together a month, and hopes to gather as many people as possible in order to encourage new friendships. As word gets out, he wishes to expand on the Friend Finder calendar, with additional dates and locations throughout the UK.

Last updated: 02nd of August, 2016

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