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Fora Do Eixo

An online platform for events with its own currency.

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Fora do Eixo is an embassy of the future according to Felipe Altenfelder, one of its charismatic founders. There is no embassy in the world quite like it. The creative heart of Fora do Eixo is a run-down detached house in an unfashionable São Paulo suburb. It looks like a commune designed for the age of Facebook: the computers are gleaming, the kitchen is a bombsite.

Yet this has become the epicentre of one of the most dynamic forces in Brazilian popular culture, because Fora do Eixo has created a sustainable, economic model based on its own shared currency.

Fora do Eixo is an online platform for an association of independent Brazilian music festival producers to help one another put on events. In 2012, about 200 collectives in 27 Brazilian states used Fora do Eixo to stage almost 6,000 events. Some attracted thousands of people who drank and ate vast quantities while they listened to bands. Yet very little money changed hands because Fora do Eixo has created its own currency, the Cubo Card, which is the basis of a trading system for bands, producers, promoters, caterers, designers and many others to trade favours with one another.

If a festival in Paraná in the south needs help with some artwork, it might ask an artist associated with a collective in the far north-east to do the work. The credits the artist earns can be spent on some PR for his collective’s festival, which might be done by someone working in São Paulo. A Fora do Eixo University runs 180 courses a year for people keen to use the currency.

Fora do Eixo is a child of its times and it defies easy categorisation. It operates a bank and a university; stages festivals and concerts; produces artwork and music. Altenfelder calls it “do-it-together” not “do-it-yourself” and insists it is a social and cultural movement with wide significance: “Europe and the US are in decline. Brazil is rising. This is a Brazilian approach, to mix creativity and solidarity.”

Image 'Noite Fora do Eixo: Aniversário Stereotóxico' courtesy of coletivopegada

Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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