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As part of the ongoing open data movement, consumers can increasingly share experiences and information on products and services – empowering our purchasing decisions. 

Open data is valuable in the same way for responsible business. Winner of ODI and Nesta’s Food Open Data Challenge, FoodTrade Menu is a tool for food businesses that manage menus and food safety. The service is particularly focused on helping caterers and restaurants comply with regulations on food allergy, through tracking 14 identified allergens. 

FoodTrade Menu compiles information from food producers, growers and government to produce tailored menus with flagged dishes and recipes that include all the information needed for a consumer to make an informed choice. The project won the Challenge due to clear benefits to the purchaser from the use of open data, working with the consumer’s food allergy requirements and presenting safe options. 

The team behind FoodTrade Menu is FoodTrade, a food-mapping social enterprise that brings together producers, retailers and consumers to discover more about the food we grow and eat in a cohesive network. The use of technology is key – and in developing the new project, FoodTrade was even able to advise the Food Standards Agency on how to best make their open data available. 

With the prize money from the Challenge, FoodTrade is expanding nationally and growing their team. Through the project website, it’s now possible to make your own menus, and share data with your friends and the wider community. It’s free, so FoodTrade Menu is asking that you hit share on the menus you create, and help us all make better, safer food choices.

Image 'Pumpkin Crates' courtesy of C.C. Chapman.

Last updated: 08th of December, 2015

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