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Connecting older generations to their family through a simple, easy-to-use interface

By Racheal Johnston Design

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Project Twitter: @Rachael_93

  • Digital Engagement
  • Internet
  • Physical Computing

Flux provides a platform for users to connect with family via Google Hangouts. Family can join the call on any personal device, allowing it to be used by anyone. While not in use, Flux displays a family photograph, which fades over time to indicate when you last connected, to encourage frequent interaction within families. It was conceived in response to research into the impressions elderly adults have of modern technology. Many interfaces aren’t designed to suit their needs, often taking a long time to learn and lacking similarities with products and technology they are accustomed to using. By tapping into existing technology, the elderly user only has to learn one simple device, while being able to connect to their family on any internet-connected device they may use.

Last updated: 04th of October, 2016

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