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Farm from a Box

Providing a complete ecosystem of smart farm technologies

By Farm From a Box Inc.

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Project Twitter: @farmfromabox

  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Physical Computing

Farm from a Box is a for-profit social enterprise. It uses a market-based approach to bring struggling  communities the farming capabilities they need to grow their own food and generate an income.

Built from a modified shipping container, each unit contains a complete ecosystem of smart farm technologies to enhance agricultural productivity; from renewable power and micro-drip irrigation, to information and communications technology.

  • Increases yields and extends growing seasons
  • Builds a regenerative, sustainable production system
  • Provides access to power and clean water
  • Bridges the technology access gap
  • Improves and contributes to local economies
  • Builds community resilience to challenges
  • Fosters greater gender equity and empowerment

Last updated: 13th of October, 2016

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