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By Indianeye Security Pvt. Ltd

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Dharavi is a slum area in Mumbai, home to up to a million people. Like other areas of India, Dharavi is no stranger to the scourge of violence against women. Much of this violence – which can include dowry and honour killings, rape, acid attacks, and more – is carried out in the home, with 43.6% of all crimes against women perpetrated by their husbands or relatives. 40% of female respondents to a survey face violence every day, and 28% each week. 

The Dharavi slum is the first focal point of a new smartphone app that aims to combat domestic violence against women. EyeWatch is a project by New Delhi-based firm IndianEye Security, and is a mobile-based platform that aims to turn a woman’s smartphone into a personal security device. 

EyeWatch works in two ways: firstly, the app includes a button that sends an instant alert to chosen contacts. This alert includes a link to live, web-hosted feeds of audio (even from before the button was pressed), video and any pictures taken. The location of the phone is included, and recipients of the alert can call the police for help. EyeWatch also helps community workers gather evidence. These workers can use the app to take audio and video evidence of incidents they witness, as well as alert a Mumbai-based NGO, SNEHA. 

SNEHA uses the EyeWatch app in conjunction with an open data kit to help the women of Dharavi. The technology helps to understand and compile data on violence in the slum, as well as crowdsource incident reports and track repeated violent attacks. 

EyeWatch is now launching in other areas of India, to help more of the most vulnerable members of society. Find out more through their website.

Image 'Waiting for a sign' courtesy of Raul Lieberwirth.

Last updated: 14th of September, 2015

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