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Bridging the digital divide through broadband provision

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Darriale Bradley and her family were used to spending their nights in parking lots of fast food restaurants. It wasn’t the food that attracted them; it was the Wi-Fi. Since Darriale’s family didn’t have internet at home, it was the only way she could do her online homework. 

Darriale’s situation isn’t unique. According to Pew Research, 79% of middle and high school teachers allow students to access assignments online, but only 18% of the same teachers say that the majority of their students have internet at home. 1 in 8 Americans do not have online access and the majority of them are from low-income and minority communities. 

EveryoneOn is a US nonprofit working to eliminate the digital divide by providing high-speed, low-cost broadband, as well as computers and free digital literacy courses. 

It operates two programmes: Connect2Compete (C2C) is EveryoneOn’s collaboration with cable companies to provide affordable internet and devices to students that qualify for the National School Lunch Program; ConnectHome is a partnership with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that provides internet and digital devices to residents in assisted housing units. 

While the technology used is simple, the impact is huge. Since 2012, EveryoneOn has connected more than 300,000 low-income households like Darriale’s family, and more than half of those who enrolled in Connect2Compete have seen improved grades for their children. ConnectHome has reached 1.5 million children since launching in 2015.

The benefits extend beyond school. Parents can go online to find and apply for jobs, and the free digital literacy courses can dramatically improve their chances, as 50% of today’s jobs require tech skills. Learn more at

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Last updated: 13th of October, 2016

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