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EV FlashBattery

A new-generation battery that charges fully in 5 minutes

By StoreDot

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  • Environment & Sustainability

The StoreDot EV FlashBattery™ is a type of electric car battery that consists of specially synthesised organic compounds. The charging experience is similar to fuelling a car, but its cost of ownership is half per mile in comparison to existing electric vehicle batteries. 

When fully charged, the battery stores enough energy for a 300 mile (480 km) range on a 5-minute charge. This translates to 60 miles of travel on a 1-minute charge, significantly cutting the overall cost of owning an electric car. 

The StoreDot EV FlashBattery™ is expected to curb the increase in vehicle-generated carbon emissions by making electric cars more attractive for consumers. 

Last updated: 14th of September, 2015

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