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Waste collection for smart cities

By Enevo Oy

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Every day, trucks roam the streets picking up public bins full of rubbish and recycling. The truck follows its set route and schedule to bins that are often not actually full or –even worse – overflowing. The first situation leads to wasted public costs, time, road wear and traffic congestion, and the second – well, nobody likes trash spilling over. 

Finnish start-up Enevo has the solution. Battery-powered sensors are placed into the waste collection bins, and measure the amount of rubbish against the bin’s capacity. This fill-level data is sent back to the waste management company in real time, allowing the trucks to be sent out according to actual need. 

The routes for the trucks are calculated by the Enevo service automatically, using optimised paths that also take truck availability, traffic and road restrictions into account. As more data is collected, the service begins to make future projections – thus allowing the Enevo to anticipate full bins and start routing trucks to pick them up. 

The service is called Enevo ONe, and it’s estimated to save up to 50% of direct waste logistical costs. Enevo has implemented the sensor technology in Finland, as well as with a number of European customers. Using Enevo means fewer trucks are needed, using less fuel, and leads to environmental benefits and reduced costs for all. 

In 2014 the company announced an $8m (£5.2m) funding round, and plans to expand services to smarten up cities around the world. They’re looking for additional pilot schemes and are open to evaluation projects before any commitment. Get in touch through their website if you have a project in mind.

Image '2006-08-16 Superfluity' courtesy of Henning Muhlinghaus.

Last updated: 14th of September, 2015

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