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Addressing environmental sustainability in organisations

By Energy Deck

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  • Economic Empowerment
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Data

EnergyDeck was created to address several key issues regarding environmental sustainability in organisations:

  • Tracking, analysis and reporting of energy and resource consumption is still mostly based on spreadsheets, leading to operational inefficiencies and missed opportunities
  • There are no publicly accessible databases of savings measures with detailed performance data for different types of buildings and use cases
  • Analysing large amounts of data (especially including smart meter readings) is a tedious and complex task even for experts, but powerful tracking and analytics tools often come with high price tags

EnergyDeck aims to address these challenges. Their ultimate goal is to help scale energy and resource efficiency to a mass market. A free version allows anyone to sign up and start using the platform immediately, identifying inefficiencies and savings potential.

Last updated: 04th of August, 2014

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