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Energy X

Maximising the life of solar panels

By Sunfarmer

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Project Twitter: @SunFarmerTeam

  • Economic Empowerment
  • Data
  • Internet
  • Physical Computing

Throughout the developing world, thousands of solar energy systems sit in disrepair. Solar has the potential to be the most reliable and affordable source of energy, electrifying places that might never see grid connectivity. But when systems break just 12 or 18 months after installation, they are no longer cost effective. Energy X has several important features suitable for large systems in a developing world context:

  • Remote monitoring  tracks energy and consumption, and measures key system health indicators such as battery state
  • System protection  will protect against damage, overuse and/or theft
  • Affordable and flexible
  • Customer communications  offers simple visual displays and alerts so customers can optimise energy use
  • Low power consumption
  • Data transfer through SMS

Last updated: 30th of August, 2016

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