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El Niño Monitoring Initiative

Using phones and drones to monitor how El Niño changes the California coast

By Coastal Resilience

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Project Twitter: @CoastResilience

  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Data
  • Geolocation
  • Open Source
  • Physical Computing

Climate change and the accompanying sea-level rise are changing California’s shoreline, impacting coastal communities and coastal habitats.

Anyone with a smartphone or drone can participate in the El Niño Monitoring Initiative. Their device will do the hard work of capturing the time, date, and location. Users’ geo-tagged images will contribute to a map of the shoreline as it looks under El Niño conditions; they will provide real, on-the-ground data that can be used to test the accuracy of the models.

Monitoring both gradual and episodic changes to the shoreline as they happen helps provide real-world evidence to support models that predict impacts of sea-level rise. The more accurate these models are, the better communities can plan to protect people and nature into the future.

Last updated: 12th of September, 2016

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