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Eko Core

Enabling medical colleagues to share heart and lung sounds digitally

By Eko Devices

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  • Health

Eko Core is a digital device that attaches to a conventional medical stethoscope. It can record, amplify and wirelessly send heart and lung sounds to an iPhone app. This means that medical colleagues can share the sounds for insight into their patients. 

Dr. Robert Harrington, a cardiologist and chairman of the Department of Medicine at Stanford, said that Eko Core has “the potential to improve a physician’s diagnostic acumen” by enabling a doctor to hear and see the pattern of a patient’s heart rhythms in greater detail. He also sees a benefit in the ability to store the heart sounds in a patient’s electronic record, so doctors can compare sounds from a recent visit with ones from a year or two earlier.

Last updated: 25th of September, 2015

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