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An engaging, social and competitive way for children to learn.

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In common with many African countries, Nigeria has made huge strides in making schooling available and accessible for all children. Yet too many of those children find themselves in school learning little, in overcrowded classes, led by poorly trained and motivated teachers.

Efiko is a mobile phone app designed to provide part of a solution to this problem by creating a more engaging, playful, social and competitive way for children to take charge of their own learning, and to show and celebrate their success.

Efiko sets randomised timed quizzes which young people can take part in on their mobile phones. The system compiles all the scores and represents them on a leader board, with a mapping application to show where different contenders come from. Students can self-assess their own performance and also make comparisons with their friends.

Efiko was developed at Tech in Education in February 2012, a 48-hour gathering of people aiming to create new digital tools for learning. Although it has only just got going – it is being used by a few hundred students in secondary schools in Lagos – it has the potential to spread across many schools, students and subjects, creating a new, structured and yet informal culture of learning.

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Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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