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Collating carbon footprint information at supply chain level.

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Over the last 20 years companies have become adept at outsourcing production to supply chains threaded around the world. That also means they have been outsourcing the carbon footprint of the products they make and sell. As developed countries have turned to weightless services as the core of their economies, they may appear to have become greener. Yet many of the climate impacts of the goods that people consume are being generated in China, Vietnam, Brazil and Thailand.

EcoChain is an environmental monitoring application designed to calculate the entire carbon footprint of a supply chain, even as it snakes its way into mainland China. The EcoChain app provides businesses with the most accurate carbon footprint calculations based on this information. As sustainability and green credentials become ever more important for brand image, apps like EcoChain will become more influential.

EcoChain’s current clients include: Philips, Weber Beamix (part of Saint-Gobain), Dataflex and Buildbag. It works across construction engineering, food production and furniture.

The EcoChain model goes beyond an analysis of an individual company’s carbon footprint to include key information from their supply chain. Analysis on this level provides more accurate information to firms, and also more relevant recommendations for improving their production strategies and marketing to consumers.

Image 'Paper' courtesy of Nicolas Boullosa

Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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