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Easy Way Subtitles

Providing subtitles for Brazilian TV when it's watched online

By Easy Way Language Centre

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Easy Way Subtitles provides subtitles for Brazilian TV when it's being watched online. Simply select the channel you are watching and the language translation you need and the software translates it for you in an instant, providing easy-to-read subtitles.

The Brazilian economy is growing and so is the number of students and professionals living in the country. As most of these foreigners don’t speak Portuguese, they can’t understand what’s going on on local TV. So Easy Way Subtitles decided to make their lives a little easier by creating a tool to provide subtitles for Brazilian television in any language.

By combining old and new tech (subtitling & Google translate), foreigners in Brazil now just need to visit to follow local programmes in their own language. So far, half a million lines have been translated.

Last updated: 04th of June, 2014

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