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Providing access to South Asia's first-ever e-pharmacy benefit management system

By e-novatRX

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In developing countries such as Pakistan, employers typically offer their workers pre-defined medical allowances as a percentage of their salaries. Employees use these allowances to purchase medicines via out-of-pocket payments and then seek manual reimbursements. This system is both administratively onerous and susceptible to fraud/abuse, and the neediest (low-income workers) are deprived of access to quality healthcare whereas less needy workers abuse the system.

e-novatRx™ provides its corporate clients and end-consumers with access to a technology-enabled e-Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) platform that:

  • Eliminates medical errors via e-Prescriptions which are accessible at a network of participating retail pharmacies via a smartphone-enabled mobile application

  • Provides both health consumers and healthcare providers with continuity of care via Electronic Medical Records (EMR) accessible online and via the mobile app

  • Provides pre-qualified, low-income consumers with access to direct-from-manufacturer discounts on prescription pharmaceuticals and ambulatory medical devices. 

Last updated: 10th of October, 2015

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