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Smart water meter powered by water pressure

By Driblet

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When Rodolfo Ruiz’s teenage daughter was spending too much time in the shower, he built a device to show her just how much water she was wasting. Teaming up with co-founder Mario Garcia in Monterey, Mexico, he built Driblet – a smart water meter that monitors water usage, pressure and temperature.

Driblet is a small device that can be attached to any residential water pipe, where it captures data on how much water a household uses, as well as the water’s temperature and pressure. A Wi-Fi module sends all the data to the user’s smartphone and presents the user’s water consumption in digestible graphs. The Driblet app also allows users to set water-saving goals and tracks their progress. Because it’s powered by water pressure, Driblet never needs to be recharged – just installed once. 

As Rudolfo explained to his teenage daughter, water consumption is at an all-time high and costly. In the US, people use 127% more water than they did in 1950, and 95% of the water they use goes down the drain. Worldwide, over 80% of wastewater is not collected or treated, according to the UN. 

Rudolfo found that much interest in Driblet comes from larger organisations. “Landlords, NGOs, country governments are calling us and saying ‘We need your project, we’ve been looking for something like it for several years’,” he explains, adding that Driblet could cut water consumption by up to 30%. The data Driblet users produce could also be used by analysts to inform policy and future water-saving solutions.

Driblet won Silicon Valley’s AngelHack competition in 2014, and has since moved to the US to set up a lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Find out more at   

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Last updated: 13th of September, 2016

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