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Knowledge sharing is one of the world’s great equalisers, and technology is making it possible to multiply the force of one innovative solution across borders and barriers. This is especially true in global development efforts, where often the kind of internet content and connectivity we use at home has little practical application, but the tools that we use are more than fit for purpose.

An example is video. Digital Green is an international non-profit that has developed a platform to enhance communication between rural communities across South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. The initiative seeks to drive wider adoption of locally successful projects by encouraging participants to video their solutions and share them with others. 

Seeing is believing, and Digital Green has had great success in facilitating discussions on best practices at village meetings. The organisation solicits videos in a district by interacting with the community and identifying and training people willing to record an eight- to 10-minute video. 

Videos produced are given a showcase on a Digital Green social network called FarmerBook. Everybody gets a custom profile that tracks the videos watched and the actual on-the-ground solutions that they’ve adopted. As of April 2015, almost 4,000 videos had been produced that had reached over 660,000 individuals. Almost half of all viewers have adopted a practice that they learned about through videos, and Digital Green is seeking to reach even more people through strategic partnerships. 

As a technology-driven iteration on farmer outreach programmes, Digital Green has the potential to revolutionise knowledge sharing with those who can gain most value. The organisation is looking for passionate individuals to work with them – students included – and donations through PayPal to help support their efforts. Take a look at their website if you’d like to help.

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Last updated: 09th of December, 2015

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