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Digital Explorer's founder on an expedition in the arctic

Digital Explorer

Using digital technology to create immersive and engaging learning experiences.

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Digital Explorer is on a mission to provide a world-class global citizenship education for young people, because the way we behave today will affect their future.

In a unique collaboration with explorers, scientists, teachers and students, Digital Explorer produces innovative online education resources and live education experiences that make a real difference to the way young people experience, understand and connect with the world. Their programmes cover a wide variety of global topics and provide tangible context for the teaching of these topics in schools.

When Digital Explorer expedition teams are in the field, they make micro-documentaries on a daily basis and broadcast these back in real-time to thousands of pupils. They also manage live video links to classrooms so students can interact directly with the team. In support of these high impact expeditions, Digital Explorer has developed a wide range of online resources including a multimedia web app which hosts 100’s of related photos and videos, ensuring teachers have the right materials and skills for imparting learning and changing attitudes in the classroom.

Around a million students have engaged in Digital Explorer education programmes, 600 teachers trained to use Google Earth in the classroom and more than 2,000 schools have registered worldwide. Over 50 projects and expeditions have helped to generate a wealth of content for the website and media player, bringing the world to the classroom.

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Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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