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Legal aid is costly and justice favours those who can afford the best lawyers, leaving poorer communities unable to defend themselves. CrowdJustice is on a mission to change this, using crowdfunding to help raise the money to cover expensive legal costs in public litigation cases.

CrowdJustice was founded in London by ex-United Nations lawyer Julia Salasky. Salasky and her team believe that justice should be accessible to all, not just those with deep pockets. CrowdJustice is particularly aimed at community issues such as saving the local Post Office or bird sanctuary, or fighting unpopular developments. When community petitions fall on deaf ears, a heavier hand is often needed and this is where the law comes in. The service can be used by individuals too, and each case to be featured on the platform has to be submitted to CrowdJustice for approval.

Much like Kickstarter, backers pledge an amount to the case, and their account is only debited if and when the target is met. If more money than necessary is raised, backers are refunded as appropriate. Case administrators are only allowed to raise funds if they already have a lawyer on board, and the collected funds are paid directly into the lawyer’s client account. Once funded, administrators must keep backers updated on the progress of the case with regular reports – which is a good way of keeping the supportive community spirit alive.

CrowdJustice doesn’t get involved in the litigation, only the fundraising. They cannot offer any guarantee that the cases will succeed, but they can ensure that people at least have the means to put up a fight.

If you have a public interest case that you would like help to fund, contact CrowdJustice at

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Last updated: 05th of October, 2015

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