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Bringing the world's constitutions together.

By University of Texas Austin

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Each year, new constitutions are written. But how do you begin such an important document, given the massive implications that it will have for so many? Constitutions set down the foundations on which nearly every country is governed. Over 900 constitutions have been written since 1787 and around five new ones take shape every year.

Examples like the crowdsourced development of the Icelandic Constitution are showing us how online tools can help involve ever greater numbers of citizens in the design and construction of these documents – extending democracy and efficacy and supporting countries to reunite after periods of conflict or instability.

Constitute is a global project created by the Comparative Constitutions Project, which has pooled all of the world’s constitutions and which allows others to systematically analyse and compare them with each other across many topics and criteria. The database includes every constitution that was in force from September 2013 in nearly every independent state in the world. And in future they plan to create a separate database of every constitution ever written since 1789.

Leveraging the best innovations in drafting, language, comparative analysis, and collaboration that digital technology and the internet have yielded, Constitute has created a platform to support today’s democratic pioneers.

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Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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