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Community Cellular Telephony

Increasing access to mobile technologies through autonomous phone networks

By Rhizomatica

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Project Twitter: @rhizomatica

  • Economic Empowerment
  • Social Exclusion
  • Data
  • Mobile
  • Open Source

Currently, only very large, powerful companies have access to the mobile spectrum and the concessions to provide cellular service. But the business models and technology that these traditional providers use have proven unable to solve the problem of connecting much of the world.

Thanks to a variety of open-source efforts developed in the last few years, it has become technologically and economically feasible for a community or an individual to provide a carrier-grade cellular service to thousands of people. Yet no one has so far applied these technologies in the real world, much less created the needed regulatory reforms.

Community Cellular Telephony works as a bridge between potential users of the technology, engineers and developers. Through efforts in Mexico and Nigeria, they use new technologies, especially mobile telephony, to facilitate development and community organisation in the developing world. Their approach combines regulatory reform, decentralisation, community involvement and the application of new technologies. They aim to connect people and communities to services proven to increase access to information, development and, ultimately, quality of life.

Last updated: 30th of September, 2014

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