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Improving understanding of cycle safety issues with crowdsourced data of accidents and near misses

By mySociety

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Project Twitter: @collideoscp

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Organisation Twitter: @mysociety

Collideoscope is a crowdsourced notification system designed to record and track cycle incident reports. It's built within mySociety's already popular FixMyStreet platform, which features early notifications to local authorities either programmatically or via email.

Since October 2014, the website has had over 800 incident reports, of which more than 600 have been near misses. Research into these incidents has:

  • raised awareness of the lack of good incident data-reporting tools for cycling activity
  • provided  a data set that’s easier to analyse than the text string data in the UK's national road safety 'STATS19' reports
  • revealed clustered Collideoscope data points away from the 200m buffers in incident report locations identified by STATS19

There's also an open data site (built with SOCRATA) from which findings can be shared for public use and analyses.

(Collideoscope is a collaboration between ITP and mySociety, supported by an R&D funding contribution from the UK Department for Transport and sponsorship from Barts and The Royal London Hospital's Bespoke Study on cycle injuries.)

Last updated: 29th of June, 2015

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