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Coconut Surveillance

Contributing to Zanzibar’s fight against malaria

By RTI International

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Coconut Surveillance is a mobile application that builds on the Malaria Early Epidemic Detection System (MEEDS) that has helped to contribute to Zanzibar’s fight against malaria. From July to December 2012, Coconut Surveillance followed 980 cases, tested 3,228 household members, and identified 223 new malaria cases in Zanzibar.

Coconut Surveillance uses phone and tablet networks in rural Zanzibar and uploads data to the cloud. It provides easy tracking and identification of malaria, making sure that the government and healthcare workers can quickly identify outbreaks. 

Each District Malaria Officer (DMO) is equipped with a tablet computer running Coconut Surveillance. Once a DMO is alerted of a malaria case via MEEDS, he or she is guided through an active case response protocol by Coconut Surveillance. The organisation uses the GPS capability of the tablet to automatically record the location of the outbreak. Each household member is tested and new cases are treated immediately.

Last updated: 09th of July, 2014

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