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CO Everywhere

CO Everywhere provides information about an area using data and local reviews.

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The decision about where to live is one of the most important we take. People go through extensive searches to find the right apartment or house. They review floorplans and consider prices, look at gardens and plan to remodel kitchens. Yet there is no systematic way for people to learn about the neighbourhoods they are moving into, what goes on around and about where they live. Gaining that kind of insight into the inner life of a community is especially difficult because as locals know, an area can change block by block.

The experience of moving into a Boston neighbourhood that was pleasant by day but turned out to be less safe at night persuaded Tony Longo to start CO Everywhere (formally known as BlockAvenue), a way for people to rate, review and reveal the real life of their localities. In the process Longo hopes CO Everywhere will also strengthen communities by making it easier for people to find activities, resources and friends within walking distance of where they live. This should build increased movement and make neighbourhoods more vibrant and safe.

CO Everywhere is built on a combination of hard data and local reviews, to provide people with insight into an area the size of a few streets. The service trawls through public data on schools, crime, transport, local amenities, restaurants and shopping, down to the availability of car and bike sharing schemes. It augments that with local reviews and insight into local debates on social media platforms.

Giving a much higher weight to local insight and opinion, CO Everywhere translates all that, into a letter ranking for an area from A–F. The CO Everywhere map of downtown Boston, considered by outsiders to be a single area, has dotted markers rating small areas.

CO Everywhere is one of a string of hyper-local search and social media services which aim to bring people together in their localities, by making more use of local resources and breathing more social life into the area. The more visible the strengths of an area become the more likely it is that local people will feel confident about taking part in activities. The best way to make a neighbourhood safe is to make sure there are plenty of people around.

Image 'Another view of Boston' courtesy of Navaneeth KN

Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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