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CliniPAK is a clinic in a box, ideal for use in remote and poor areas.

By Vecna Cares Charitable Trust

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Healthcare systems are synonymous with doctors and hospitals, wards and beds. Yet traditional solutions such as these, which rely on expensive professionals and heavy-duty infrastructure, are well beyond the reach of people in most of the poorest parts of the world.

Sick people living in villages in remote rural areas in Kenya, for example, are lucky to see a nurse, let alone a doctor in a clinic. A typical village will rely on a community health worker and local, informal healers, with limited expertise.

The Clinical Patient Administration Kit (CliniPAK), which is trialling in the Trans Mara District in Kenya, aims to ameliorate those inequalities with a portable, robust, self-contained “clinic in a box” that is powered by a solar panel.

Inside a CliniPAK are rugged touch-screen laptops loaded with healthcare software which helps a community health worker to diagnose a patient’s symptoms and recommends possible courses of treatment.

The laptop is also equipped with a reporting module which stores patient records and can send disease data to a central source, so it can be aggregated. So much paperwork can be involved in making an infectious disease report that clinics sometimes have to allow nurses to do administrative tasks. The CliniPAK is designed to do this automatically.

The system also logs a patient’s cell phone so they can be alerted automatically to the need for further treatment and check-ups.

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Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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