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Automating mobile personal safety

By Check in on Me

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CheckInOn.Me is an automated personal safety system. It checks on mobile phone users as often as they want, whenever they want. Users create their own schedules and "profiles". CheckInOn.Me waits to receive a specific "I'm OK" code word to make sure that it's the user themselves and that they are OK. If the right response isn't received in the right amount of time, an emergency process is triggered.

CheckInOn.Me cannot be disengaged. Even if the mobile phone is out of the owner's possession, nobody can stop the system from trying to get help unless they know the "I'm OK" code word. If the user is under duress, they can give someone the "I'm Not OK" code word, which silently triggers the emergency process.

CheckInOn.Me supports personal safety with two key elements.

  • It's proactive. It doesn't wait for the user to hit a panic button. If a distress code word or lack of response triggers the emergency process, the system reaches out for help even if the user can't.
  • It's nearly impossible to disengage. Even if a phone is taken from the user or turned off, the emergency process will still try to get help. Only the "I'm OK" code word tells the system to not set off the emergency process. 
Check In On Me brings confidence to health emergencies or unsafe situations including:

  • Online and blind dates
  • Realtors and property managers
  • Being an at-home caretaker
  • Seniors living alone
  • Craigslist/eBay transactions
  • Travel and commuting
  • Kids walking to/from school
  • Being a taxi driver
  • College campus life
  • Camping, hiking, and biking
  • Domestic violence or stalking victims

Last updated: 25th of June, 2014

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