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Petitions have been a way for people to make demands of politicians and decision makers for centuries, and their popularity as a form of protest is growing with the advent of online petitions. is a free online petitioning platform. Anyone can start a petition about a change they want to see, and upload it to the website. The petition is then shared and promoted by the creator, and the cause builds momentum as more people sign the petition and share it on their own social media pages. Causes that garner a lot of popular support might catch the attention of the press and through media propagation can reach out to new audiences and circles beyond those of the petition’s creator. 

The petitions are hosted on the website, but does not promote them – it is all done by the users. Giving citizens a stage from which to have their voices heard helps to foster community spirit and empowers ordinary people to stand up for issues they feel passionate about. is a B Corporation – it operates from a socially ethical standpoint but is still a business that makes money. Petitioners can pay to give their causes a boost by emailing users who have signed other similar petitions. The organisation also raises revenue by allowing advocacy NGOs like Amnesty International to advertise on the website. 

The next step is the development of a feature that allows the petitioned parties to respond. A beta version of this has been launched and big businesses like IKEA and Southwest Airlines have already responded to campaigns aimed at them. 

There are over 100 million users across 196 countries, and one successful petition is completed nearly every hour.

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Last updated: 27th of November, 2014

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