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Change by Us

Sharing ideas, creating projects, discovering resources and making cities better

By Local Projects LLC

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Change by Us is a new website created by Local Projects. It's a place for US citizens to put their ideas into action by creating projects and building teams to make their cities better places to live. 

Idea sharing: Citizens can use Change by Us to broadcast their ideas to others. No idea is too big or too small.

Join or create projects: City dwellers can look for projects where they can help. They can also use Change by Us to set up and lead their own projects, and turn their ideas into reality.

Build teams: Citizens can use Change by Us to quickly connect with people who can help their project from start to finish. Someone has the idea, someone has the plan, someone has the tools, and together they can succeed.

Find resources:  Public and non-profit programmes are accessible via the site to help projects succeed. Whether users need to find a service or local knowledge, there are resources ready to provide guidance.

Change by Us has launched in New York, Phoenix and Philadelphia. 

Last updated: 09th of June, 2014

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