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  • Community Engagement
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CauseHub is a prototype social network designed with humanitarian, social and environmental issues at heart.  It aims to connect activists and help them to decide which actions are important to take. 

CauseHub plans to disrupt the way we engage in decision making online and make us feel more empowered about the world around us. According to the the founders 'there are great tools for communicating, mass opinion and expressing emotional responses, but people are still dissatisfied at large with their ability to change the world around them. They feel disengaged from decision making'.  

The team are creating the CauseHub platform where campaigners from large NGOs to armchair activists can collaborate with decision makers like MPs or corporate shareholders. The platform will utilise public data and modern web technologies to connect these people and improve the integrity of information.

CauseHub is currently in development. 

Last updated: 04th of June, 2014

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