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Casserole Club

Sharing home-cooked food with others in the community.

By FutureGov

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Everyone knows the feeling of chucking out leftovers. The low-level guilt, the vague sense that you are definitely taking out the rubbish that little bit too often. And then of course the “resolution” phase, where you get the Tupperware containers out, and arrange them nicely in your fridge, until a week has gone by, and they are all mouldy. Queue return to start of this paragraph. Repeat.

What if there was a better way to deal with leftover food? What if that way also involved doing a good turn for someone else, someone who lives close to you and who could even become a new friend? This is the concept behind Casserole Club, a start-up from local government innovation venture FutureGov.

They describe it as a local, community-led takeaway. The idea is that as a Cook you are paired up with a local Diner, usually an older person living in your neighbourhood who could do with a home-cooked hot meal every now and then. Casserole Club facilitates the pairing and communication between Cooks and Diners, and Cooks manage the process of taking the food to the Diner.

Casserole Club is now available in Staffordshire, Manchester's Tameside, London's Tower Hamlets and Barnet, Surrey's Reigate and Banstead, in Australia.  It is also available in Scotland under the name Meal Makers. They also have 5,000 people signed up across the UK, ready to cook once Casserole goes live in their area.

Image 'Cooking adobo' courtesy of Nicole Abalde

Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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