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Introducing students to basic neuroscience and brain-computer interfaces.

By Puzzlebox

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It sounds like something from science fiction: a helicopter that can be controlled through nothing more than brain-power.

Puzzlebox Brainstorms has done just that. The organisation publishes open software and “how to” guides to allow students to hack remote-controlled helicopters so they can be controlled using NeuroSky or Emotiv EEG headsets.

Puzzlebox has created exercises and projects for students to learn more about neuroscience, the physics, chemistry and biology of the brain by controlling robots and toys using a brain computer interface. First students learn how to build a remote-controlled robotic vehicle and then they learn how to control it using concentrated brain power via an EEG headset. The Orbit, the brain-controlled helicopter, is available as a toy thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter which raised $750,000 from 434 funders.

Puzzlebox Brainstorms stands out because most digital learning programmes provide digital access to familiar courses. Puzzlebox finds an imaginative way to take students into entirely new realms.

Image courtesy of Puzzlebox

Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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