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Allowing the severely disabled to communicate and control common everyday functions through thought

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  • Health
  • Physical Computing

BrainGate is being trialled by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It is evaluating an investigational device called the BrainGate neural interface system. This is a type of brain-computer interface (BCI) intended to put robotics and other assistive technology under the brain's control. By imagining the movement of their own arms, two paralysed individuals were able to use the BrainGate to make complex reach-and-grasp movements with robotic arms.

BrainGate’s mission is to improve of the quality of life for all disabled humans. They additionally seek to increase the use of BrainGate-related technology in both medical and non-medical applications and facilitate innovation in invasive and non-invasive brain research.

Last updated: 05th of September, 2016

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