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Over 360 million people worldwide suffer from deafness or impaired hearing, which can be frustrating, and often leads to feelings of exclusion. Crucially, people with impaired hearing are more vulnerable as they do not hear sounds that would alert them to dangers – such as screeching tyres and fire alarms.

Braci has developed a suite of apps that allow you to turn your phone or tablet into a ‘smart ear’ that listens on your behalf and sends you messages to notify you of particular sounds.

The Braci Pro application comes with over 1,000 pre-installed sounds, which it can recognise within two to four seconds and at distances of up to 35 metres. These include all smoke, gas, carbon monoxide and heat alarms. The app adapts to and learns its user’s habits, can work outdoors or in the workplace, and runs in the background without draining a device’s battery.

Braci Snore Detector notifies you when you are snoring, Braci Baby Monitor tells you when your baby is crying, and Braci On The Go is for use in busy environments. On The Go is also useful for people who are not hard of hearing but want to be safe while they listen to music on their headphones. The app listens out for sirens, car horns and other traffic sounds, pausing the music to notify users of danger-notifying sounds that would otherwise be drowned out.

The team behind Braci met on a reality TV show in Qatar, which sets out to nurture scientific innovators. They were later awarded a place on the Sirius Programme in the UK, and are now based in Wolverhampton. 

The Braci apps can be downloaded from Google Play and will soon be available through the App Store too.

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Last updated: 24th of August, 2015

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