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Making it easier to ask for help

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Project Twitter: @BlueAssist_DtC

Organisation Twitter: @blueassist_dtc

  • Social Exclusion
  • Mobile

For many people society is too complicated to participate independently. Some can overcome this barrier by asking for help from passers-by. But not everybody can ask the right question in a comprehensive way when they need help. NPO Ithaka created the social innovation BlueAssist to support the interaction between helpseeker and potential helpers. By means of a BlueAssist icon and messages on different platforms, for example a BlueAssist card, a BlueAssist application for smartphones, or a function key on Cloudina, they can ask strangers for assistance. BlueAssist makes communication possible.

By showing the BlueAssist icon to passers-by, the fellow citizens recognise that the user needs help. The icon gives confidence to the user to ask for help, and to the fellow citizen to offer help. This innovation has been widely used, helping many users to go shopping, take buses/trains and do other daily activities more independently.

Last updated: 30th of July, 2014

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