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Cesar Esquivel’s co-worker lost his wife in a hospital in Mexico. Heartbreakingly, her death could have been prevented, if only there was enough blood for her. “He couldn’t even find it on the black market,” Esquivel says. 

Lack of blood donations is an acute problem in Mexico. According to the country’s official statistics, someone needs blood every four seconds, but only 4% of donations are altruistic. 

Cesar and his brother Javier took matters into their own hands with the establishment of Blooders – a hybrid organisation that connects blood donors and recipients, with a for-profit arm that sells donor management software to hospitals. 

Blooders provides a free app where donors can sign up and make appointments at local hospitals, reducing waiting times. Users can also create a campaign to request blood donations for specific people in need – what Esquivel calls “Kickstarter for blood donation”. The simple interface also enables users to count their donations, invite friends to participate, and allows hospitals to generate and monitor useful data on frequency of donations and follow-ups with donors. 

The project currently operates in two states in Mexico – Nuevo León and Puebla – and counts 3,000 active donors and 2,500 active campaigns so far. The Esquivel brothers are in negotiations with a hospital in a third state, Tabasco, and plan to expand nationally and across Latin America in the next two years. Javier’s dream is the ability for blood donations to cross borders. “For example, a patient needs blood in Texas and the donor is in Mexico. That would be the ideal world for us.”

Blooders is available on Apple and Google Play. Find out more at

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Last updated: 09th of August, 2016

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