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Bitcoin is a payment technology that is separate from banks, credit cards or even cash – it holds promise of revolutionising global money transfers. A decentralised cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is gaining traction and is seldom out of the news. Big players are catching on, with Barclays announcing in August that it will start accepting Bitcoin and allowing customers to make certain types of payments.

To use Bitcoin you need a wallet. The strongest, most trusted and secure online provider is Blockchain. After signing up, your free wallet is accessible via any modern web browser or through apps on Android and iOS. Security is key, and Blockchain encrypts all activity locally – the company never has access either to your account or any whole or part Bitcoins that you hold. 

The success of Blockchain is astounding. The company’s market data and analysis portal was the world’s most popular Bitcoin website in 2013. In the course of 2014, the number of wallets hosted through Blockchain grew from one to over three million. People trusting Blockchain to keep their wallets safe now number over 3.7 million, and carry out more than 50,000 daily transactions through the service. 

Blockchain is backed by over $30m (£19m) from leading investors that include Lightspeed Venture Partners and Sir Richard Branson. They are supporting one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world, and Blockchain in turn is pushing the Bitcoin ecosystem to greater adoption and simpler access. 

As the Bitcoin network grows, so does the potential for safely empowering people to make cheaper, truly independent choices for payments and money transfers. It’s easy to make a start – for a free, secure Blockchain wallet take a look at their website and your smartphone’s app store.

Image 'Bitcoin ATM DSC_1271' courtesy of BTC Keychain

Last updated: 24th of August, 2015

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