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Biometrics-monitoring stick-on tattoo

By MC10

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Health checks today are much the same as they were decades ago, and blood pressure testing is little changed from techniques developed in 1905 – the arm is constricted with a band that slowly releases so that pressure can be measured as blood flows back into the veins. Now wearable technologies are changing the medical world and such cumbersome techniques will soon be a thing of the past. 

MC10 has developed a wearable biometrics-monitoring device so thin it can be worn on the skin like a temporary tattoo. The BioStamp sticks to the patient’s skin and is elastic enough to stretch as the wearer moves, making it waterproof, breathable and unobtrusive. The BioStamp lasts until skin cells are naturally shedded and the stamp loses contact with the epidermis – usually around two weeks. Direct bonding to the skin means that electronic circuits in the tattoo can collect clinical-quality data that is accurate and instant. 

The BioStamp measures heart rate, blood pressure, hydration, UV exposure and other vital signs. It will initially be used in hospital settings, and MC10 envisions a world where a newborn baby will have a BioStamp instead of a plastic identity bracelet, which will measure vital statistics in the first few weeks of its life without the need to disturb the sleeping child. In this future, the mother will also have a BioStamp to keep a check on her health, and when mother and child leave the hospital their wellbeing will be monitored for the next fortnight. 

MC10 has been growing rapidly, and currently has 60 full-time employees, and 60 million USD in venture capital and corporate investment. The BioStamp is now being used by medical researchers in clinical trials in the US and Europe.

Image 'Eye and finger' courtesy of Leszek Leszczynski.

Last updated: 12th of October, 2015

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