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Providing low-cost, easy access to internet apps and services.

By biNu Pty Ltd

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It is hard to underestimate the impact that internet-enabled mobile has had on the world, in only a matter of a few years. The mobile phone has led to the economic and social emancipation of billions through using the internet to extend financial, health and educational services direct into the palms of people’s hands.

But although images of smartphones have quickly become ubiquitous, in reality over 70% of the mobile phone market, more in the developing world, still belongs to basic phones, the kind that come with a plastic casing, pushable buttons and a tiny screen.

A new Australian-based internet service called biNu has come up with a clever way to close the gap between the smartphone and the feature phone.

biNu holds apps and other services in a remote “cloud” and delivers them instantly to feature phones. It allows for easy translation to different languages, all with negligible data use and at low cost. The service is used by over 5m across Africa, Asia, and other emerging markets, and the company is growing by 400% each year.

In March of this year, Nigerian users accessed biNu for 153 hours and viewed 57,524 screens of information, yet only used 106 megabytes of mobile data. Compare that with the 300 MB to 5 GB monthly data plans frequently sold with iPhones, and you start to get a sense of the efficiencies gained through biNu.

Image 'India' courtesy of Brunswick Square

Last updated: 09th of May, 2014

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