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When first-generation immigrant students finish high school, only very few go on to college. Often from lower-income families, they join the 90% of the demographic who never attain a degree. The students who do progress in education often struggle in classes – finding it hard to stick with it through to graduation. 

In an innovative tie-up between personal mentoring and social tech, first-gen immigrant to the US, Alexandra (Alex) Bernadotte, is looking to support students like herself. Alex graduated from Dartmouth – the first in her family to attain a degree. Her experience along the way led her to want to help others with their access to knowledge, and Alex started Beyond 12 in 2009. 

Beyond 12 hosts an online platform for tracking students from high school through college. Educational institutions can check up on progress and ensure that key milestones are understood and being met. This allows schools and universities to ensure their programmes are effective, and that they are supporting their students most in need. 

For the students themselves, Beyond 12 offers a mobile app called ‘MyCoach’. The app is campus specific and breaks down workloads into achievable steps. The aim of MyCoach is to inspire, offering shareable and self-produced tips and experiences. 

Tracking and connecting are two of Beyond 12’s three focus areas; they also coach, providing personalised near-peer, virtual and inspirational guidance for college students and programmes. 

The data opened up by using Beyond 12 through high schools and colleges, and the student’s own interactions, come together in an actionable plan aimed at supporting a student to complete their degree in a challenging, new environment. If you know a student who could use a hand, or want to support Beyond 12’s aims, have a look at the website for more. 

Image 'College of DuPage 2014 Commencement Ceremony 60' courtesy of COD Newsroom.

Last updated: 09th of October, 2015

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