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Bethnal Green Ventures

Accelerating projects using technology for change

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Bethnal Green Ventures is an accelerator programme for people who want to change the world using technology.

The organisation invests in and supports teams with new ideas for solutions to social and environmental problems. This takes place through an intensive three-month programme.

Bethnal Green Ventures thinks that there is huge potential for the online world to radically improve the offline world: from how we provide health and social care, to designing new forms of education, energy creation and employment. These ideas don’t come from traditional companies, governments or charities. They start with smart, passionate, practical people.

The team seeks out people with great ideas. They might be software developers, designers or people with personal experience of something they want to change: from teachers and doctors, to patients and carers. They look for very early-stage ideas – not business plans – and are more interested in potential than experience.

Teams of between two and four people are selected to be part of the Bethnal Green Ventures programme. They invest £15,000 in each team in exchange for 6% equity. 

The aim is to not only launch a new set of ventures, but to also build an alumni community that will go on to create and run even more social start-ups in the future.

The idea originally came from the Social Innovation Camp which started in 2008.

Last updated: 23rd of June, 2014

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