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Beehive Giving

Checking eligibility for your non-profit organisation or project

By The Centre for the Acceleration of Social Technology

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Project Twitter: @TechforgoodCAST

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Beehive is a tech for good project being incubated by The Centre for the Acceleration of Social Technology. It is a platform that uses the unique characteristics of nonprofits to intelligently connect them with the right funders, saving them time and improving their chances of success.

They do this by:

Matching – analysing thousands of grants to make it easy for any non-profit to be quickly matched to the right funder.

Checking – preventing wasted effort from nonprofits by checking if they meet the criteria before they apply.

Connecting – introducing the right nonprofits to funders, letting them pass on key information to save on unnecessary admin.

Last updated: 05th of September, 2016

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