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Be 100 Ragl

Arabic language radio and online series promotes women’s rights

By Womanity Foundation

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The Arab-speaking world can be a tough place for women who want to work outside of the home. Arab women’s participation in the labour market is only 26.7% compared to a worldwide rate of 52.5%, and women’s literacy rate is only 59.4%. 

The Womanity Foundation, a non-profit organisation founded by Swiss entrepreneur Yann Borgstedt, works on empowering girls and women worldwide. Taking advantage of the cultural and linguistic similarities among Arab populations, the foundation produced an Arabic language series called B 100 Ragl, meaning ‘Worth 100 Men’. 

The series follows the story of Noha – an intrepid young radio journalist, who confronts gender discrimination that many Arab women face at home, at work and with their families. As she tackles her own challenge to be taken seriously by her colleagues and employers, as well as challenging her parents’ traditional viewpoints, and helping her sister face an abusive husband, Noha becomes a role model for her community. 

The first season was aired on radio between March and October 2014 throughout Arab-speaking countries, and the second season became an animated online series, voiced by popular Jordanian actress Saba Mubarak, with the theme tune performed by Saudi-based Iranian singer Alaa Wardi. 

The radio series had millions of listeners, and over 140,000 people have engaged on social media so far. Womanity, in partnership with SMPL Media, also organised 10 public events and debates in Egypt and Jordan, attended by over 480 participants.

Oxfam evaluated the project, and found that both male and female Arab viewers enjoyed the series, and were less likely to justify violence against women and more likely to advise others who suffered from violence to speak out after listening to the first season. You can watch B 100 Ragl at

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Last updated: 19th of September, 2016

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