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BD FocalPoint™ GS Imaging System

Accurately and rapidly scanning medical images with advanced digital technology

By BD Diagnostics

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BD FocalPoint™ GS Imaging System's image-searching software rapidly scans slides in search of more than 100 visual signs of abnormal cells to identify disease. It then ranks the slides according to the likelihood they contain disease, and identifies 10 areas on each slide for a human to scrutinise.

In clinical studies, researchers found that labs that use the BD FocalPoint™ GS Imaging System catch more instances of cancer and pre-cancerous lesions.

It also increases output – working manually, a cytotechnologist can analyse about 80 to 90 slides a day (regulations say workers can examine a maximum of 100 per day). Using the BD FocalPoint™ GS Imaging System, a human examiner can go through 170 slides per day.

Last updated: 18th of September, 2015

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