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Providing audio cues for drivers when fuel is wasted

By Automatic Labs, Inc

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Automatic is an accessory that talks to your car’s onboard computer and uses your smartphone’s GPS to upgrade your car's capabilities.

Automatic works only in the United States with any fuel engine car sold since 1996. It learns about a driver's driving style and provides subtle audio cues when fuel is wasted, for example:

  • Heavy braking: braking abruptly decreases fuel efficiency and dramatically increases wear-and-tear on a car’s brake pads.
  • Speeding: driving just 10mph over the speed limit reduces fuel efficiency by 12-15%
  • Rapid acceleration: stepping hard on the pedals decreases fuel efficiency and wastes money

Automatic also lets users know how they are driving on every trip. For example:

  • Drive Score: Automatic scores driving habits every week so users can make improvements. A high score could save hundreds of dollars every year.
  • Trip Timeline: the Automatic app displays detailed information about each week, such as how much users drive, and where to.

Automatic also allows users to see the miles per gallon used for all trips, even for older cars that don't display fuel efficiency on the dashboard. It even tracks local fuel prices to show spend. 

Last updated: 23rd of July, 2014

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